Twenty Minutes for a Princess
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Monday, December 11, 2017
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There are photo sessions, and then there are photo experiences. I want each client to have an experience that they will remember and that epitomizes who that client is. And of course, when a client comes in who loves fairy tales, stories, and costumes, we run with that.


Day 1: Mother/daughter session as Anna and Elsa on a frozen lake. Cold, cold, but beautiful. Elsa, being a five-year-old, exited the car and immediately started sobbing because it was too cold. Her feet, especially, were “frozen”. Knowing I needed to complete this shoot within 20 minutes (because, again - a five-year-old is NOT going to last in that weather for too long, and she was already melting down), I took off my warm socks and put them on her feet. We got her laughing, and got to business.

Dancing on a frozen lake, kisses, falling snow, songs, twirling, surrounded by Arendelle-style mountains, is how this princess will remember her childhood. This was not just a photo session, it was her early years described in 20 minutes.


Stay tuned for Day 2…

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