Not Your Responsibility
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Monday, December 04, 2017
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It is fact that 99% of clients come in not knowing “how to pose”. When I meet with potential clients in the pre-consultation, the large majority of them express anxiety regarding not knowing what to do with themselves in front of the camera. Let’s be real for a minute - how many actual models do you know? None? A couple? And even if you do know one or two, the likelihood is that one of them is not yourself.


So when you come in for a session, know that your responsibility is NOT to know how to position yourself in front of the camera. That is my responsibility - to guide you, direct you, and help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and at your best during our session. That is why I train, educate myself, practice, go to workshops, and stay current in the industry. Your session should be an experience - one that you look back on with laughter and memories, and one that you are excited to repeat. So relax - let me take that responsibility, and come reconnect with your family.

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