Living a Fairytale
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Thursday, January 11, 2018
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When my client and I were conceptualizing this Anna and Elsa idea, we knew that we had to include Sheridan Glacier in the session. The glacier, however, was a bit of a hike for a five-year-old in the wintertime. The lake surrounding the glacier was solidly frozen, which allowed us to get into the glacier to create the images that we had in mind. As such, on day one, we stayed local with the mom and the daughter. Day two, we hiked to the glacier.


Together with a friend, we made the trek carrying camera gear, dresses, various props, and a couple of kids who were along for the adventure. Here’s the thing - when one makes the first turn around the corner and sees a glacier on the Alaskan range, and hears the creaking, groaning, shifting, and cracking of the ice infusing the air, it is truly a surreal experience.

It was chilly. My heart went out to our model, as - let’s be honest - princess dresses are not exactly warm. Especially for princesses who are immune to the cold. My camera was continually fogging, and half of the time, I couldn’t quite see what I was framing in the camera. My fabulous assistant started streaming “Let it Go” from her phone - and we all began singing and dancing.


Glacial landscapes epitomize stunning, treacherous, nature-made castles. We cast spells with icicles, gained traction on smooth and slick glacial walls, threw fabric, created wind, sang soundtracks within a glacier, and for one day, we lived in our own fantasy land. These are the experiences that bring imagination to life and epitomize what I want to create for clients.

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