Let Us Dance
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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Dance and performance photography is such a dynamic art form. In Cordova, Alaska, I collaborated multiple times with a client and her dance studio. The first shoot we had together was an outdoor session with most of the dancers from the studio. We danced in a field and along a boardwalk, danced with fabric, created shapes, reflections, and laughter. At a following indoor shoot inside the dance studio, we recreated every style of dance that the studio offers.


The two recitals were a joy to be a part of. I photographed from backstage (being careful to stay out of the way of the performers), and shot directly into the lights. The dancers did a phenomenal job, and their dedication to their craft was obvious. It was a pleasure to see the interaction of the dancers with each other and with their coaches. All involved demonstrated the passion that I have always felt and was thrilled to be able to record.

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