Four Times for a Photo Session
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Wednesday, February 07, 2018
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Studies have shown the significant impact that printed images on the walls of homes have on children. Yet in this very digital world, often we go too long between official photo sessions and rely on the convenience of our phones to record significant times in our families’ lives. The following are key times when families find it most beneficial to schedule a session (although any time is, really, a good time for an updated session).


1)  Anniversaries: These frequently are sessions commemorating marriage/relationship anniversaries for a couple, and often take place at locations that have significant meaning for the couple.


2)  Birthdays: These sessions are most frequently seen for young children. They can include anything from cake smashes for a 1st birthday, “painting” sessions for a 2-3 year-old (wonderful messes are made!), to a superhero-designed session (or “character” session based off of a child’s favorite movie or character).

3)  Seasonal: Different seasons through the year provide completely different “looks” and “moods” for a session. One family may want a snowball fight, complete with scarves, hats, mittens, and hot cocoa. Another family would prefer a warm summer scene with greenery, tree climbing, and splashing in streams. Personality of the session should be determined by the personality of the family.


4)  Commemoration: Perhaps there is a recent high school graduate who is about to move to college, or maybe one of the parents is getting ready to leave on a military deployment. Or maybe the entire family is together for the first time in years. Whatever the occasion, whenever the family is together is an ideal time for a session.


Families move and progress, grow and change so rapidly that it becomes essential, yet often challenging, to keep family photos updated regularly. However, as images are updated and children see them in their homes, it helps provide a visual foundation of who their family is and provide a constant reminder of the love they share.

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