An Eternity of Knowledge
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Monday, November 20, 2017
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I had a conversation with a friend the other day that has stuck in my mind. In a prior conversation, she had told me she was a photographer. After she saw my website, she apologized to me for referring to herself as a photographer. I understand the sentiment of where she was coming from, but the reality is, we should never apologize for where we are in our learning process.


I am not meaning that we should not strive for excellence. Every day, I want to become more excellent in every aspect of my life. However, we do not need to apologize for who we are or for who we are striving to become simply because we come across someone with a different or more advanced skill set than what we have. This is more eloquently and more succinctly stated by Brigham Young: “I will not say, as do many, that the more I learn, the more I am satisfied that I know nothing; for the more I learn, the more I discern an eternity of knowledge to improve upon.”

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